Service Charge and Ground Rents                                                                                    Tel: 0844 848 3330

  • Arrears Recovery and Default Action

  • Every lease clearly states how the owner must pay any ground rent or service charge within a specific period. Our policy is to follow up any overdue payment with firstly a polite reminder, a second reminder, and then a final warning of legal action which will at this stage incur a cost to the leaseholder.

  • If further action is needed the leaseholder must bear all the costs arising, including Land Registry searches, approaches to the lessee mortgage lender and referrals to solicitors to commence Court Action. We try at Cingleys to avoid court action, and try mediation and resolve any issues and get to the core of the reason why non payment has occurred. 

  • Comunication is a priority and Cingleys excel in this field.  Many times a dispute over service charge can be resolved by effective comunication.

  • There are pesistant non paying leaseholders who do anything not to pay their service charge, this is not only unfair on the rest of leaseholders, but has a determent effect on the block, that may be struggling with funds.  In this circumstance, and mediation is exausted, we have no hesitation of involving specialist service charge lawyers to collect the service charge. We would also use the Land Valuation Tribunal (LVT) for determination on the issue, to back up the case of collecting the service charge effectively.

           We will not tolerate persistant non paying leaseholders